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Do you feel like seeing and learning about arts and crafts in person?

Here is some information related to arts and crafts tours through several destinations of Catalonia and Occitania which make up the Coop’Art Route: a cross-border route aimed at discovering a territory that is full of ancestral and current crafts deeply rooted in the region.

Like discovering a local culture through its population and its artisans?

Come and find out about the culture of these destinations in a real and genuine way, sharing one-time-only moments with the natives. Meet some craftsmen and craftswomen who will open their workshop’s doors for visits, workshops, classes, courses and/or internships in which they will pass on their passion for art.

Like knowing what destinations promote sustainable tourist development such as creative tourism?

Choose one of the offered arts and crafts destinations, look up the information you need to plan your trip and find a fellow traveller (if you want to). You are now ready for Coop’Art Route! Where would you like to start?

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Route Coop'art

Coop’Art is the union of several destinations of Catalonia and Occitania that host small arts and crafts businesses which transmit the cultural and historical identity of the regions through their spe- cific traditional know-how. Those artisans have a perfect command of their profession thanks to the knowledge they have been gathering throughout generations and produce objects full of history that they have renewed by combining usefulness and de- sign in order to meet current consumers’ needs.

Coop’Art is the name of the project carried out by several Catalan and French destinations in order to promote a shared strategy of innovation and sustainable development of arts and crafts in the frame of POCTEFA European project.