Costa Barcelona

The sea is the starting point of a territory where you can enjoy very intense sensations, its unique modernist heritage, its breathtaking natural areas and a strong tradition of wine tourism.

As well as its magnificent light, visitors are attracted to Garraf region by its unique beaches and a particularly mild climate. It is the perfect place in which to relax and enjoy life, and the enormous number of intellectuals, adventurers and artists who have decided to live here is clear proof of that.

The Modernist middle-class made summer residencesspasart collections and good cooking fashionable. But these days we can enjoy their view of life for ourselves in Vallès Oriental!

Right on Barcelona’s door-step, Vallès Occidental region hides an unexpected natural and cultural heritage. The county offers two natural parks, the restored course of a river, and a highly important Modernist and industrial legacy.

With a coastline of 40 kilometres, it is easy to see why everything in Maresme revolves around the sea. And not only in the region’s name (mar means ‘sea’ in Catalan): its architectural, culinary and natural heritage is also marked by the ceaseless crashing of the waves.

To enter the domains of the Penedès DO is to open oneself up to a world of sensations where everything is possible. You can taste the elixir extracted from the xarel·lo, smell the numerous species of medicinal plants, feel the cooling caress of a waterfall and thrill to the sight of a human tower heart-stoppingly crowned by the enxaneta (typically, a child of some five years old).

Baix Llobregat is an ideal region for water lovers, since it’s difficult to find a corner where you can’t hear the flow of a river or the waves of the sea. In the triangle formed by the towns of Collbató, Castelldefels and El Prat you can explore caves, pools, wetlands and beaches of great natural value, along with plenty of elements of historical and cultural interest, such as mines, textile colonies, wells and locks.

The sea is the starting point of a territory where you can enjoy very intense sensations.




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